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SEO optimization to increase website traffic

Get your website on the first page of search results, increase the number of your website visitors and attract more customers. Our recipe for your online search success - technical optimization, well-defined keywords, quality content and SEO optimization for Google search. To quickly increase traffic, we also set up Google ad campaigns.

Ілюстрація оптимізації сайту

Website SEO and technical optimization

Our website SEO optimization includes: SEO audit, niche analysis, keyword research, writing meta tags on web pages. Configuration of technical files necessary for good indexing and optimization of web page loading speed.

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СЕО консультант, екран з графіком кліків у Гугл

Off-page SEO and Google Ads setup

We offer monthly SEO support, SEO copywriting and off-page SEO campaigns to improve your rankings and thus increase your visibility on the Internet and increase the number of your customers. Efficient digital marketing and SEO strategy to get on the first page of search results. Google Ads campaigns for a quick increase in the number of visitors.

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Ілюстрація створення статті і СЕО контенту

SEO optimised website development

We create 3-in-1 websites: attractive design, efficient search engine optimization and high-quality coding that guarantees high loading speeds. We develop a website that helps you effectively represent your brand and get more visitors and orders.

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Olga, a private psychologist


I am very happy that I chose to work with SEO-Creative. My website quickly landed on the first page of Google for the most important search queries. Other advantages are: high professionalism, creativity, a lot of additional tips to promote the website, quick feedbacks. With SEO Creative I got a modern website that quickly began to bring clients. Highly recommend, the result will not keep you waiting long.


Iryna, video studio founder


SEO Creative is a professional and creative team that always listened to my wishes in the development of my startup. Working with them was effective and pleasant, and the result exceeded my expectations. My website has gained visibility in search, which has brought new customers. Thank you for a great job.


Veronica, transport startup co-founder


Professionalism and efficiency are the main characteristics of SEO Creative. After we founded our startup in the field of transporting small loads between individuals, our website was invisible in the search. Thanks to SEO Creative's efforts, we gradually reached the first page in the search for our target keywords.

SEO cost depends on a number of factors

Pricing for SEO and web development

200 €

SEO Audit

  • Website technical analysis
  • Content & meta tags analysis
  • Backlinks profile analysis
  • Competitors analysis
  • Keyword research
350 €

SEO optimization

  • Niche analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Meta tags writing
  • Technical optimization
  • Page speed improvement
500 €

SEO support

  • Technical optimization
  • Full on-page optimization
  • Monthly SEO support
  • SEO articles writing
  • Ongoing off-page SEO
  • Google Ads setup
700 €

Business website

  • WordPress theme & plugins
  • Web design creation
  • Pages development (up to 7)
  • Technical optimization
  • Search engine optimization
1k €

Corporate website

  • Web design development
  • Creation of pages (up to 12)
  • Technical optimization
  • Search engine optimization
  • SEO content optimization
2k €

Ecommerce website

  • Opencart or Prestashop platform
  • Installing theme and modules
  • Web design development
  • Modules configuration, Cart
  • SEO optimization
Менеджер СЕО

Do you have a project?

Send us a brief description of your project using the contact form below. We will reply to you as soon as possible. You can also order a website SEO audit of your existing website.

Stages of SEO optimization of a website

  • Comprehensive technical audit of the website. The website must meet the technical requirements of the search engines, especially Google.
  • Configure the technical files and tags for correct and fast indexing of the pages by the search engines. In order to index the website quickly, a sitemap is created to inform the search engine about the priority pages.
  • Selection of target keywords. Niche analysis and definition of target keywords in search engines. Selecting popular search queries that match your business offering. Focus on long-tail queries with 3-4 words with medium search volume and low competition.
  • Creation of high quality SEO content.. Useful and unique copy that engages your visitors while meeting search engine requirements. High quality SEO optimized content. Our SEO tactics include key category optimization, continuous updates, and new article creation.
  • Writing meta tags to provide search engines with information about each page. Internal linking between key pages to provide users and search engines with additional information with relevant useful content to improve page SEO.
  • Define entry points for the website through landing pages. Optimize the design of UX, clear calls to action, and complement them with unique text that includes target keywords and best meets users' search queries.
  • Develop off-page SEO factors for website ranking. Improve website reputation by building backlinks and publishing professional industry articles.
  • Analysis, monitoring and reports. Study your website's analytical data to better understand your visitors' journey on the website. Long-term website promotion with off-page campaigns. Focus on the best results by analyzing SEO performance and making adjustments and improvements to the campaign.

Optimize the website, and the search engines will like your website

Uniqueness of the content. Google pays close attention to the quality and uniqueness of the content. Plagiarism and meaningless texts are not welcome. Meta tags and internal linking also contribute to your search engine optimization. Age of the domain - the older a website is, the more loyal the search engines are to it, giving it more credibility. SEO optimization and promotion of a new website takes more time.

Factors that reduce the credibility of a website

  • Lack of technical optimization
  • Poor content on the website
  • Stuffing the texts with keywords
  • Copying texts from other online sources

Basic SEO optimization: what do you need to know?

Given the strong competition on the Internet and in search, website SEO and online promotion require the use of an effective and complex digital marketing strategy. Due to the constant improvement of search engine algorithms, website SEO methods are also evolving. However, there are some SEO basics that every website must have.

The SEO project is usually divided into two main parts. First, we perform on-page optimization of the website. The goal is to bring the website in line with the requirements of search engines. The first step is to make sure that the website is accessible to robots and can be indexed by search engines robots. We also need to improve the text content of the pages, taking into account the search queries of Google searchers. Finally, the search engine evaluates the relevance of the website based on its text content. To this end, we develop a semantic core that focuses on targeted search queries in your niche.

On-page optimization of the website

We strongly advise performing SEO optimization at the page creation stage. On-page SEO optimization improves the relevance of the page for the target keywords and increases its ranking in Google. Content optimization is the most time-consuming work. Moreover, these activities must be carried out constantly to adapt your content to search trends. The success of your project depends primarily on on-page and content optimization. Here are the tasks of on-page SEO optimization:

  • Ensuring fast and efficient indexing (robots.txt, sitemap);
  • Setting up SEO-friendly URLs;
  • Fixing technical errors (duplicate pages, canonical tags, broken links);
  • Improving page loading speed, especially on mobile devices;
  • Improving website usability (user experience), especially on mobile devices.
  • Creating internal links between pages;
  • Writing high-quality meta tags and H1-H3 headings to increase page relevance (matching popular search queries). Content optimization is key to ranking high for selected keywords;
  • Integrating Structured data (Schema.org markup) to inform search engines about the types of content your site offers.

Off-page SEO optimization

Off-page SEO optimization aims to improve the domain authority of your website through backlinks from other websites. In the context of increasing the number of external links to your website, the biggest challenge is to develop a professional backlink strategy. In doing so, we focus on creating unique industry articles, publishing articles on quality websites and increasing the trust flow of your website. We usually achieve the best results with links from thematically relevant websites, popular industry blogs and media platforms.

Effective development of an off-page strategy

  • Analysis of the backlink profile of your website
  • Analysis of the backlink profile of the strongest competitors
  • Definition of an optimal link building strategy
  • Building natural links relevant to your industry and region
  • Improving the reputation of the website in social networks

Creating a natural and high-quality backlinks, we only use methods that comply with Google's webmaster guidelines. Here is our path to success:

  • Constantly publishing new interesting and useful industry articles and tips that can be shared by users;
  • Creating guest posts about your activities and expertise on other resources;
  • Listing in high-ranking online catalogs and directories;
  • Placement of press releases;
  • Activity on forums and blogs.

Advantages of high-quality SEO optimization

  • Google is the most popular search engine. If the website rises to page 1 of search engine results, it will be visited 24/7/365 by users interested in your products or services. This provides your website with an unlimited flow of customer traffic.
  • When your website shows up on the first page of Google, traffic increases significantly.
  • SEO improves the quality of traffic and increases conversion rates. With quality content and relevant meta tags, users' expectations of the website are met.
  • Customers come via search and send requests
  • Organic search traffic always remains free, reducing the cost of acquiring a potential customer
  • Increasing brand awareness increases trust in the company and website. It's no secret that it takes time to get a website into Google's top 10. If the website ranks on the 1st page of the search engine, you are guaranteed to be perceived as a stable company rather than a new, unreliable one.
  • Reduce the cost of Google ads. Once you reach the top search positions, customers will come to the website through organic search, eliminating the need for ads.
  • Long-term result. If your website reaches the top search position, it will stay there for years, bringing traffic consistently. This is the path to long-term success.

Advantages of SEO-Creative

We offer a range of SEO services. With years of experience, we achieve high results for our clients' websites. We discuss and explain each phase. We keep SEO optimization as transparent as possible. We use powerful SEO tools to increase the effectiveness of campaign tracking, keyword research, ranking analysis and technical audits. We make your website as attractive as possible for search engines and tailor it to user expectations. Monitoring SEO optimization activities, regular collection and analysis of website results in search and analytics data helps to adjust and improve the strategy and rank high for more search queries.

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