Development of SEO-optimized online store

Developing an online store is an effective way to ensure that your products are sold online. Let us develop a real online marketing tool that will increase your profits. Our eCommerce website development company offers online store development services to its clients with the best technical and SEO advice tailored to your unique requirements. We are experts in eCommerce development to create beautiful online stores and accelerate eCommerce projects. We exploit the potential of eCommerce solutions to provide you with feature-rich, exclusive and reliable eCommerce websites. Our experienced team of highly skilled web developers creates customer-centric digital products using OpenCart, Prestashop, WooCommerce and Laravel framework.

eCommerce Design

To design an attractive website tailored to your business needs, our eCommerce design team works with agile techniques. We create a unique and attractive online store design with a great UX.

Online store development

We are an eCommerce development company that uses the latest tools and technologies to develop a high-quality website that focuses on usability, security, performance and stability.

E-commerce SEO

Your website is only as good as the visitors it attracts. That's why our SEO team works directly with our developers to optimize your site's content and products for organic search.

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How to create an online store: Stages

To successfully develop an online store, we examine what influences successful online sales, how users make decisions, and what helps them do so. Our solution is a well thought-out landing page design UX. Our goal is to make the online store clear, rational and simple. The ultimate goal is to get the user to make a purchase and secure the sale on the website. Here are the stages of e-commerce website development.

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Technical solution

We study the goals of the store, determine the structure of the website and its functionality. We choose a technical solution, a CMS. The right structure influences how Google sees the website.

Creative design

We develop a custom design in accordance with the theme of your products. Development of layouts for product pages, categories and shopping carts with adaptation for mobile devices.

Store development

We craft layouts for all pages of the website and integrate them with the chosen CMS, which allows you to conveniently manage products and track sales. We set up the shopping cart and website functionality.

Technical optimization

Before launching the online store, our experts perform extensive testing to find and fix any bugs. We optimize the website for fast page loading and search engine requirements.

Turnkey e-commerce development

With our services, you can commission the development and optimization of an online store to expand your business online and increase sales. Our e-commerce experts will develop the project tailored to your requirements. Your online store will be designed to meet the needs of your target audience so that customers come, convert and make a purchase. We implement any functionality for both small and large online stores. Multilingual, different types of shopping carts and delivery methods.

  • Unique, creative and user-friendly web design.
  • Staructure that promotes conversions
  • Mobile friendly, adapting to all devices
  • High quality code and high quality delivery
  • All required modules for store functionality
  • Optimization for search engines
  • High page loading speed
  • Easy and convenient store management

Advantages of e-commerce development with us

Be ahead of the competition with our eCommerce development services for professional and converting eShops. We combine our experience in eCommerce development with top-notch technologies to meet the key requirements of clients from various industries. When you work with Seo-Creative, you can commission a high-quality online store for online shopping to attract new customers and increase sales.

We develop a successful eCommerce SEO strategy and perform on-page and off-page SEO optimizations to increase your online presence. Using data-driven eCommerce SEO techniques and marketing tools to improve website traffic, our SEO team addresses your business goals.

Our eCommerce solutions are based on thorough research and data-driven approaches that cover various aspects of eCommerce and its components. To create a customized eCommerce website that generates sales and increases ROI, we develop an effective SEO strategy and optimization.

A modern online store requires the development of customized solutions that take into account the specifics of the competitive environment and marketing tasks, positioning your store and products. The website should promote the inflow of customers and increase sales. Our online stores are designed for a large number of products, have optimal functionality, are easy to use and suitable for mobile devices.

The main goal in creating an online store is to develop a quality project that is attractive and convenient for your potential customers. The use of the latest technologies and accumulated experience allow us to create a unique, well thought-out web design and the perfect way of shopping for the user. With your website you can take online orders from people who are used to shopping online.

OpenCart website

If you have a client who wants the flexibility to own the code and save on transaction costs, OpenCart is the perfect solution for you. We can help you with the following tasks in OpenCart development.

  • OpenCart e-commerce development
  • Installation, customization of the OpenCart platform
  • Building an e-commerce website on the OpenCart theme
  • Design of an online store and integration with OpenCart
  • Migration of an existing website to OpenCart
  • Technical optimization
  • SEO optimization of the e-commerce website
  • Optimization of the loading speed

WooCommerce Development

WooCommerce is a great platform for online stores that fulfills all e-commerce needs at a reasonable price. WooCommerce development is based on WordPress and plugins. We can help you with the following tasks in WooCommerce:

  • Web design creation
  • WooCommerce online store development
  • WooCommerce integration into an existing website
  • Customization of WooCommerce extensions
  • Technical optimization
  • SEO optimization of the e-commerce website
  • Optimization of the loading speed

Custom eCommerce Development: Laravel

Right from suggesting you the right platform and technology to providing highly skilled eCommerce developers, we help you build a robust online store that is flexible, scalable, and easy to manage. Our experts consider important aspects like design and usability, technology, security, future scalability, and integration options that will help you meet future business needs.

Custom-built eCommerce website

We understand that every business has its own requirements, so we provide you with customized eCommerce development solutions that meet your specific business needs. Our services add value to your business.

We ensure that your website is built with a well-thought strategy and a robust technology package with a user-friendly UI that gives your customers an exceptional digital experience.

We develop custom eCommerce solutions for every type of client, from startups to corporate websites. Our dedicated eCommerce experts help you drive your business by providing you with a fully functional and interactive eCommerce platform to grow your business.

Our eCommerce experts are capable of providing you bespoke web development services by delivering SEO-optimized convertine online stores. We guarantee to deliver you a quality eCommerce website in the shortest possible time. We develop efficient platforms that add value to your business by combining development solutions with our in-depth expertise.

Product pages integration

Whether you are transferring existing content or migrating your entire eCommerce catalog, we will make sure everything runs smoothly. Then, we help you optimize your content for readability, load time, and responsiveness.

Payment Gateway

We integrate popular payment gateways and mobile wallets into your website to improve usability and security.

eCommerce Ads Setup

We use data-driven Google Ads setup to increase your brand's reach, generate relevant leads, and drive sales. Our marketers focus on driving results through successful paid campaigns.

E-commerce analytics

We constantly monitor your e-commerce KPIs to ensure it is performing effectively across all devices and in organic search. By changing and applying techniques, our analytics team looks for new ways to improve the efficiency of your website over time.

The cost of ecommerce development

The cost of e-commerce development services for your project will depend on the time it takes to complete and the number of software developers and tech SEO experts involved. Depending on the scope of your project, software developers estimate the amount of work and we use hourly rates to calculate your web development costs.

Our commonly used options include a fixed pricing for an ecommerce website in 4 packages. With a fixed price model, the budget does not depend on changes over time. With a time-based approach, on the other hand, the time is taken into account to calculate the project's cost.

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